Haas 680 Steel Garage Door

Project Description: 

We installed these gorgeous, traditional-style garage doors for a home in Shelton, CT (06418, 06484). For our client’s dutch opening garage, they wanted beautiful traditional garage doors to complement the architecture of their home. We immediately recommended new garage doors from the Haas 600 Series. These broadly customizable insulated garage doors are the perfect finishing touch to upgrade the curb appeal of any home. 

For their garage door design, our client chose a standard short raised panel with a clean white exterior. This simplistic look perfectly blends with their dutch opening. To complete the look of their new garage doors, they also chose to add window openings. These Colonial style windows in clear glass created the finishing touch needed to perfect the look of their new garage doors. 

Beyond just the beautiful design of these garage doors, they also have the durability to stand the test of time. These insulated garage doors are filled with polyurethane insulation between steel sections on the front and back. This ensures they have the best energy efficiency and durable construction to last for decades with minimal wear and tear. So our client’s new garage doors are not only gorgeous, but they also have the best materials to protect and upgrade their home. 

Project Details: 

Garage Door Brand: Haas 680 Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Garage Door Material: Steel Garage Door

Garage Door Design: Traditional Garage Door, Short Panel Garage Door

Installation City: Shelton, Connecticut