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How Our Experts Take Your Garage Door Replacement To The Next Level

If you plan on renovating your home, a garage door replacement is the perfect way to see your return on investment! After many years of enjoying your original overhead door, it’s time to forgo inevitable structural decline and frequent garage door repair and swap out an aging garage door for a brand new one!

If you want to take your garage door to the next level, J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door offers the best solutions for new garage doors. No matter the size or type, don’t settle for a dented, rusted garage door that looks worse for wear. Did you love our garage door service, but time and aging components aren’t on your side? It’s time to enjoy a new color, material, style, or construction with a simple and exciting garage door replacement! Follow along, and learn more about the several ways you can easily switch out your garage door:

Custom Aluminum Garage Doors

A Color Switch

The difference a garage door replacement can make could be simply a color switch! Choose between a wood tone, a white flush panel, or a charcoal black garage door color (which can ultimately add contrast to enhance the face of your home that might be lacking in distinct curb appeal or appearance). Depending on your traditional, modern, or carriage-house style garage door, there are numerous color options along with custom paint to sample for something truly unique.

Garage Door Replacement

Window Placement

Adding windows to your new garage door replacement is entirely optional, but changing up window placement or adding a different style of window panels will look like a whole new door when we’re done! Vary the window panel’s tint, color, design, and insulation, and contact our team for additional information about our Glass Garage Doors.

J.A.G. & Sons Overhead - Garage Door Installation

Style & Material

We have experience with installing new garage doors with reinforcing materials for any style home to make sure your new garage door lasts for the longest amount of time possible! Make sure the style and material of your garage door are cohesive with your home. 

We can expertly match your existing garage door to its replacement if you choose. Or opt for a completely different style, and replace your traditional garage door with a modernized full-view glass garage door. There is no limit to the style or material you can choose for your new garage door replacement!  

How To Keep Your Garage Door Replacement in Good Shape

Sign up for our Annual Maintenance Package for a seamless and fool-proof way of keeping your new garage door in great shape. We’ll enter you in our system for our series of door balance, safety, and quality system tests, so you don’t have to keep track of when to call us. We’ll remember your scheduled garage door maintenance appointment for you! It’s 10% off your first service if you sign up with us today! 

Carriage garage doors with custom overlay

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Call J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door For A Garage Door Replacement!

With multiple garage door styles and numerous openers to choose from, your home will greatly benefit from updated Products offering the latest safety and security features. If you want a major or minor garage door remodel, call J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Doors and we can help you get the perfect new door for your home near West Haven, CT or North Haven, CT

Whether you want to combine two separate doors or make one door into two, let our expertise in garage door replacement blow you away! Contact us at either of our locations for more information about how we can help you with new garage door installation today.

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