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Types of Steel Garage Doors

There are many advantages to owning a steel garage door, but you have to be informed of what type of steel garage door would benefit your home. You’ll see that steel garage doors offer you a lot of creative freedom, including paint and design options. Ask us about roll-up overhead doors, faux wood garage doors, and traditional garage doors, or read below for more information about how you can design your steel garage door.  

Roll-up Doors

Also known as overhead doors, roll-up doors are common in commercial properties and businesses with warehouses due to their low maintenance and durable qualities. If you’re thinking about roll-up doors for a residential property because they’re made from steel, you’ll likely only use them for a home with a modern or industrial look.

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Upgrade Your Steel Door!

Steel garage doors can be customized and upgraded with stylish, protective, and insulated coats. A steel garage door offers an excellent canvas to build from and customize based on your preferences.

A galvanized steel garage door involves a coating of zinc to form a protective layer against corrosion and rust. Galvanized steel garage doors are perfect for commercial clients and for homeowners who want to savor their garage door longer.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

You save major bucks on material with a faux wood garage door. Given the appearance of wood, steel garage doors offer the same stylish effects that real wood offers a home. Steel can be cut more precisely than wood and weighs much lighter than wood. Restaurants can even benefit from a faux wood garage door without forsaking a budget, as composite or vinyl faux wood board trims have different colors and finishes. Many manufacturers replicate the complexities of real wood grains and match the stain you want, all while keeping a smooth finish.    

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Traditional Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most popular garage door due to their low maintenance and installation costs. A style that can match any home is traditional garage doors. Traditional is a popular style choice due to how many variations this style choice can have. You can add texture and design to a steel garage door with raised, recessed, or flushed panels. Some design options include adding hinges, handles, windows, and other decorative hardware. There’s no limitation to traditional garage doors.

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