Garage Door FAQs


At J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door, our highly-qualified garage door repairmen are able to work on any type of overhead door service that you need. Whether it’s garage door spring replacementopener services, or new garage door installation.

Garage door springs typically last 7 to 12 years depending on their usage and maintenance over the years. To prolong the life of your garage door springs, you can perform yearly maintenance like lubrication and tightening.

Depending on the drive type, brand, and the amount of usage, garage door openers typically last 15 to 30 years. To extend the life of your opener, we recommend investing in a quality brand and drive type as well as scheduling annual maintenance.

Garage doors making noises may be from the chain rattling or being loose. Our team at J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door is able to replace your garage door chain and systems! Give us a call and one of our crew members will inspect your garage.

Garage Door Installation

We install new garage door openers from LiftMaster and SOMMER. These two brands offer the most reliable and durable products in a variety of drive types including belt drive, chain drive, direct drive, and wall mount. LiftMaster and SOMMER are both equipped with higher safety, security, and comfort for your garage door. To learn more about LiftMaster and SOMMER, give us a call today.

Yes we can! J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door is able to install roll up doors for any of our clients wishing for a much lighter weight security door. Roll up door installation is among the simplest application for us, and they can easily be opened by a single person without the use of an automatic opener.

Garage Door Maintenance

By having a professional garage door repairman evaluate your garage door, you can stay on top of all repairs and maintenance. During garage door inspections, our expert will evaluate your door, lubricate every part, and let you know how well it is performing and which parts need to be replaced.

All of the overhead door hardware is cleaned, tightened, and lubricated during a garage door tune up. A door balance test will also be carried out to ensure that the door is properly balanced. You can help avoid unexpected garage door repairs by having the whole system checked out yearly.

J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door recommend that you have your garage door professionally maintained once a year in order to avoid garage door system breakdowns.

Garage Door Repair

Check the batteries first if your garage door remote doesn’t work. If your garage door remote is not working after replacing the batteries, it’s most likely because the opener is not responding to the remote. A professional garage door repairman will be able to diagnose the problem with your garage door opener and perform the necessary repairs.

Having a crooked or slanted garage door may indicate that you have a broken garage door spring. As soon as you notice that your garage door isn’t closing properly or is opening at an angle, you should schedule garage door repair with J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door so we can take a look at it.

Garage door openers can be repaired depending on the type of damage and part availability. If the damage is substantial, the best option may be to have your garage door opener replaced. For more information on garage door opener repair and installation near you, give us a call.

This entirely depends on the extent of the damage done to the door. If the damage is mainly just on a single panel, J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door can perform a garage door panel replacement and leave the rest of the door intact. If the damage is extensive though, a full garage door replacement may be necessary.

If your garage door won’t close properly, it might be because something is blocking your garage door sensors. If your sensors appear to be functioning properly and no lights are flashing, the problem is most likely with your garage door opener. If you’re having garage door opener trouble, let J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door be of service!