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How Can We Customize Your Garage Door?

Specialty track configurations can be as unique as you want our installers to make them. Sometimes we outgrow our garage, whatever the case may be, and if we’re not willing to move houses completely, professionally altering the garage is the perfect solution to accommodate a new working, crafting, repairing, or living space. 

Calling a J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door high-lift expert is highly encouraged so your new garage door tracks, opener, springs, and panels correctly operate with your garage door. We safely configure your garage door’s components so the door opens higher and melds well with your needs.

Our Specialty Track Configurations Include:

Custom High Lift Tracks
specialty track configurations


We may suggest a high-lift spring conversion, for instance, but garage conversions can be anything you personalize, add, or upgrade so that your garage is better utilized for your hobby or needs. Consider it a garage space renovation! Some ideas would be to raise the floor to equal the rest of your home, add insulation, or build alternative storage that enhances your living space. We can balance your garage space, so it’s more than just a stuffy storage room. 

High-Lift Tracks

High lift tracks allow the door to go closer to the ceiling, so people who want to stack cars on a lift in their garage use a high lift setup. If you have the space and want to store your RV, a high-lift track will let you do so. Learn more about our high-lift garage door track installation, and how to get started with a free quote.

Roof Pitch Tracks

Roof pitch tracks are an inclined track that follow the slope of the roof. An alternative to a high-lift garage, we combine a high-lift and a vertical-lift track so you have much more headroom clearance. Our install experts can provide a free consultation if you’re interested in a roof pitch track installation.  

Large Radius Track Installation

The track’s radius is our technical term for the curve of the track. People needing better clearance in their low headroom garage need a large radius track installation. Our garage door professionals will measure all other track components and equipment.

Our Specialty Track Configurations Specialists

The key factors in your garage space must be balanced in order to optimize your overhead door. The sections of your garage that our specialty track configuration specialists expertly measure include:

  • The space between your door opening and the ceiling above, known as the “headroom”
  • The height of the top section of your door
  • The space available on either side of your garage door, known as the “sideroom”

Talk to our specialty track configuration specialists at J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door. We can help you find the perfect garage door track option that is right for you.

Get Inspired With Our Past Garage Conversions and Specialty Track Installations

Do you have a project in mind yet don’t have the space for it? Or are you planning on renovating your garage door with a higher, sloped archway? You can ask us about past projects, and for further inspiration from our J.A.G. & Sons specialists. Also, visit our Garage Door Installation page about constructing your next garage door. We’ll make sure your garage door is adequate for your new specialty track configuration.

Remember, this is a balancing act to select the best hardware for your door as well as the best coordinating motor. For efficient door operation, one of our J.A.G. & Sons installers will be able to help you with the selection of a proper track and garage door opener for your specific garage door.

We always fit the replacement track to your garage door, or fit your new garage door to the replacement track. Each door has a particular lift system that works with a specific track, as they go hand in hand. With our full inspection and assessment plus our expertise, we can custom fit your garage door to the specialty track of your choosing. 

The difference between standard sectional doors and hangar doors is that hangar doors swing outward at a slanted or at a 90-degree angle. If you require a garage door wider than the standard sectional garage door, we will suggest our specialty track configuration service. 

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