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Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door opener is the interior motor that work with the tracks, rollers, springs, and cables to pull up and let down your garage door. It is typically located on the ceiling of your garage near the center or to one side of your garage door on the wall. The primary types of openers are chain drive, belt drive, direct-shaft, and screw drive which operate at different levels of noise and last for a various number of years. Because your garage door opener does so much of the work to ensure the proper operation of your garage door system, buying a reliable model is important. That is why we work with LiftMaster and SOMMER, two of the finest manufacturers of openers on the market, to outfit your garage door system.

Specifically, there are two important components to garage door opener installation: choosing the best opener for your home and ensuring it is installed properly. J.A.G. & Sons can guide you through these steps to assure both the safety of your family and to maintain the health of the overall door. Most openers that we sell are Wi-Fi compatible, which means you can open and close the door through an application on your phone. Additionally, you can receive notifications when the garage door is opened or closed. You can even keep a log of garage activity on the application for security reasons.  While it is important to have the right garage door opener for the right door, it is vital that you have it correctly installed. This assures that nothing happens to you or your family when operating the garage door. You can trust J.A.G. & Sons to guarantee the functionality, quality, and safety of any garage door opener installed by our technicians. Call us at 203-980-5722 or click below for a free quote!

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