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Providing Garage Door Opener Installation in West Haven & North Haven

There are two important components to garage door opener installation. These include choosing the best opener for your home and ensuring it is installed properly. J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door can guide you through these steps to assure both the safety of your family and to maintain the health of the overall door. To find the best opener for your home, we offer great brands and all varieties. No matter your budget or the specific needs of your home, we will set you up with a reliable, long-lasting opener.

While it is important to have the right garage door opener for the right door, you must have it correctly installed. This assures that nothing happens to you or your family when operating the garage door. This is where the expert technicians at J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door come in with excellent workmanship and friendly service. You can trust us to guarantee the functionality, quality, and safety of any garage door opener installed by our technicians.

We recommend garage door opener replacement when your current opener reaches around 15 years old. This is recommended because all garage door parts operate on a 10-15,000 cycle lifespan. Once it nears the end of that span, you should start receiving annual maintenance to ensure that it continues to function without an underlying problem.

Garage Door Opener Brands that Offer the Best Safety and Security

We install new garage door openers from the best manufacturers in the industry. We primarily install SOMMER garage door openers and highly recommend this trusted brand! We also offer LiftMaster and Genie garage door openers. These brands offer the most reliable, long-lasting products in a wide range of customizations. SOMMER, LiftMaster, and Genie also have the best safety, security, and convenience technology. From automatic locks to ultra-sensitive eye sensors that trigger automatic reverse, a new opener from SOMMER or similar brands will do the most to protect your home and family.

SOMMER, LiftMaster, and Genie also offer the best in convenience technology. In particular, most openers that they sell are Wi-Fi compatible. This means you can open and close the door through an application on your phone. Additionally, you can receive notifications when the garage door is opened or closed. You can even keep a log of garage activity on the application for security reasons. With all these advancements, your new opener will upgrade your entire garage door system.

Sommer Garage Door Opener
LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Various Garage Door Openers on the Market

A garage door opener is an interior motor that works with the tracks, rollers, springs, and cables to pull up and let down your garage door. It is typically located on the ceiling of your garage near the center or to one side of your garage door on the wall. Because your garage door opener does so much of the work to ensure the proper operation of your door, buying a reliable model is important. 

The primary types of openers include:

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

A chain drive garage door opener operates by pulling the garage door on a metal chain to open and close it. It is the most common and affordable type of opener. On the downside, a chain drive garage door opener also tends to be the noisiest option and needs replacement more often because the moving parts wear more quickly than other openers. 

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Instead of operating on a metal chain, a belt drive garage door opener uses a rubber belt. This makes it a much quieter option for new garage door opener installation. The rubber belt also causes fewer vibrations and extends the life of your parts. 

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

A direct drive garage door opener is the quietest and longest-lasting opener variety. It is the best quality because it has a stationary chain inside a steel rail with a traveling motor. With minimal moving parts, this means the motor experiences very little wear and lasts a long time without repair or replacement. 

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

A jackshaft garage door opener is a relatively recent advancement in garage door openers. Instead of being installed on the garage ceiling, we place them on the wall beside the garage door. A jackshaft, or wall mount garage door opener, is a great option for high lift tracks.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener 

For screw drive garage door openers, the motor rotates a steel rod to lift and lower the door. This tends to be a mid-range option between chain and belt drive in terms of noise and longevity.

Contact Us For Garage Door Opener Installation Near You

From an affordable opener that gets the job done to the latest in security technology, we have the options for you. No matter the particular needs of your garage door system, we can upgrade it with a new garage door opener that will function reliably for years to come. Although we primarily sell and install SOMMER products, we will repair any brand of opener. So if you want to get your current opener repaired or are looking for a brand new one, we have the experience and resources to help. Contact the experts at J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door for all of your garage door opener installation, service, and repair needs in the North and West Haven CT areas.

Jackshaft garage door openers are the most commonly used wall-mount operators. They offer smooth operation with long-term dependability which makes them the ideal choice for homeowners wanting reliability. Because they attach directly to the springs, they also have maximum lifting power for heavy doors. 

The common signs that it is time to replace your garage door opener are:

  • Your garage door stalls or gets stuck frequently. 
  • Your garage door won’t open or close. 
  • Your garage door opener is louder than usual. 
  • Your garage door reverses automatically when opening or closing. 
  • Your garage door opens or closes on its own. 
  • Your opener is reaching 15 years of use.

When choosing a garage door opener, consider the type of drive, horsepower, speed, noise level, and safety features. Our team can help you choose an opener that meets your needs and is compatible with your garage door.


“I would highly recommend them! “

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Anthony D.

Awesome service and communication! I recently purchased a new home and J.A.G & Sons was the company my builders use to install my garage door opener. Gave them a call, figured out what model they would pay for, asked if it was possible to get billed out for a much better model, and they made the rest happen. My garage door opener is super quiet, the customer service and flexibility with my move was superb. I would highly recommend them! You guys have exceeded my expectations! Thank you.

“Highly recommended, great service and prices. Thank you!!!”

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Kevin M.

Heard about J.A.G. and Sons through a friend that highly recommended them. After reading some of the reviews online, I called to schedule an appointment for a new garage door opener. I spoke with Greg who was great answering questions and setting up exactly what I needed. On the day of the installation Jim came out for the install. He was 10 minutes early for the appointment time which worked out even better for me. He was very friendly and efficient an worked around the mounds of firewood in my garage. He was done before I knew it and then he walked me through the new operation and even offered to hook up the new remotes to the HomeLink in my cars. Highly recommended, great service and prices. Thank you!!!

“Like I said, I cant speak highly enough of him, and I fully recommend his work!”

Review Author Image

Peter T.

I cant give a good enough review of Greg. He did a hi-lift garage door at my house which included new tracks, new jack shaft opener, new wooden supports in the walls and much more as well as doing a maintenance to my other garage door and it came out flawlessly. He also cleaned up his work space and was in and out in a day. Other people told me what I wanted couldn’t be done, or would take multiple days to tackle but he was able to get in and out. Like I said, I cant speak highly enough of him, and I fully recommend his work!