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Garage Door Opener Repair Near West Haven & North Haven CT

Your garage door opener is one of the most important parts of your garage door. When it is time for garage door opener repair, you need well-trained garage door experts to handle the job for you. J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door offers professional garage door repair service near North Haven and West Haven CT. We have experience working with every garage door opener type, and we are more than happy to take care of your garage door opener repair! When your garage door opener is not functioning properly, you can depend on our trained technicians to complete your garage door opener repair on your schedule.

We keep our trucks fully stocked with everything needed to accomplish a quick and effective garage door opener repair. When you need to get your garage door back in working order, trust J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door to be there for you every step of the way! We perform opener repair for these opener types:

  • Jackshaft Garage Door Openers
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • Wall Mount Garage Door Openers 
  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers 
  • Wifi Garage Door Openers 
  • Side Mount Garage Door Openers 
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

It is tricky to know when you need garage door opener repair, but we are here to help! One of the biggest signs that you need opener repair is if your keypad, remote, or mobile app is not opening your garage door. Is your keypad, remote, or mobile app not working, but you can still open your garage door manually? This is a clear sign you need to schedule garage repairs. If you need a garage door opener repair, you may also notice your garage door is making unusual grinding or squeaking noises.

Looking for a quick way to determine if your opener is working? Check the light on the bottom or side. If your garage door opener light is not on, then try resetting your garage door opener. If this doesn’t restore your opener, schedule repair with our professional technicians to examine your opener.

Other Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement

  • Your garage door won’t open.
  • Your garage door won’t close. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and suddenly stops.
  • Your garage door opens by itself.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near Me

When you need a garage door opener repair, there is only one garage door company you can depend on to get it done right the first time: J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door. We are committed to providing quality garage door repair service to the North Haven and West Haven CT areas. We also offer garage door opener replacement and installation to upgrade your outdated opener. Put your garage door opener in the right hands with J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door

New Garage Door Opener

Depending on the use and type of garage door opener, they typically last 15-30 years with proper maintenance. 

Rattling noises coming from your garage door opener are most likely caused by your chain being loose. Over time, the chain in your garage door opener may need tightening to ensure stability. It is important to make sure your chain has the right amount of tension because too much tightening can cause wear and tear. We can perform this service and more with a garage door maintenance appointment.

Yes, your garage door opener needs routine maintenance to perform at full capacity. Garage door opener maintenance would include tightening bolts and screws, lubricating the chain or belt, cleaning the sensors, and testing the circuit board. 

We highly recommend SOMMER garage door openers for their durability, smooth operation, and modern features that offer safety, security, and added convenience. Learn more about the products we offer by visiting our garage door opener page!


“Would def call them again for garage door needs.”

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Larry G.

J.A.G came for the service call and corrected the problem effectively and efficiently. No issues. Would def call them again for garage door needs

“He then came right out to fix it and did an amazing job.”

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Anthony G.

Our garage door broke of course on a Friday night, around 8pm. I found Joe from a mutual friend and I’m so glad we did. He came out first thing on Saturday to temporarily fix it so we could at least use the garage. He then came right out to fix it and did an amazing job. We are so happy to find him and will definitely be telling our friends. My favorite part about this, I don’t feel like I was taken advantage of and the service was by far superior.

“I was in a jam and they made me their top priority.”

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Thomas T.

I’m selling my house and called for a repair quote. When Josh got on site and I mentioned the inspection was the next day, he made some calls and got everything squared away right then and there. I was in a jam and they made me their top priority. Far exceeded my expectations.