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Amazing Benefits That A Car Lift Installation Conquers:

If you haven’t considered a car lift before, suspending your hobby to a standing level provides convenience and eliminates you having to crawl around on the ground, struggling to reach the parts you need to work on.

car lift installation

Our trained professionals will make sure your car lift installation is also equipped with the following safety and convenience features:

  • Elevates the subject to comfortable working levels
  • Self-locking mechanisms like air release locks 
  • Precision-based hydraulics
  • Equal leveling pads
  • Mechanically synchronized motion

Types of Car Lift Installation Based On Your Needs 

Our technicians are trained in ensuring the safety and functionality of your car lift installation along with assigning which type of car lift is suitable for your garage space. There are different types of car lifts, including two-post lifts, four-post lifts, scissor lifts, and more. 

If you need something a little more custom, talk to us about what you need from car lift installation. We’ll calculate the minimum ceiling height, floor space, and other spatial considerations needed for proper car lift installation.

Two-Post Lift

As the most popular type of car lift installation for customers working in their home garage, two-post lifts are customized to fit all demands. Maximize your storage space by allowing one lift to do it all.

Four-Post Lift

Offering a greater weight and lifting capacity, four-post lifts are more versatile than two-post lifts. Although four posts give you a stable platform, a larger car lift is not the answer if you have spatial constraints.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are the most compact car lifts, and are designed with simple settings. There are various loading capacities for scissor lifts as well.

Please practice due diligence when operating any car lift. If the center of gravity is off, your car lift is subject to toppling over! 

Why You Should Choose Our Overhead Door Company For Your Car Lift Installation

So why choose J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door for your car lift installation? Along with our other garage door services requiring the utmost safety and functionality from our products and technicians, we are skilled and efficient in providing local car lift installation for your home in North Haven, CT and West Haven, CT

While we certainly don’t advise DIY garage door repair, we absolutely cater to hobbies and garage door projects. For the past couple of years, we have been working closely with another local, family-owned, and second generation-operated business, The Lift Guys. They help supply high-quality car lifts and services for our service areas.

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for any of our additional services, including our range of specialty track configurations. We would be happy to help you get started on utilizing the space in your garage for more than just dusty storage. Make your appointment for your car lift installation today!

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A number one priority should be keeping your car lift safe to use, so there are a number of easy maintenance tips:

  • Lubricate all moving parts of the hydraulic system
  • Routinely inspect how your car lift operates
  • Keep your car lift healthy by keeping them clean
  • Always operate your car lift with extreme caution, ensuring the object is stable on all leveling pads
  • Limit access to your car lift installation to well-versed users or your trusted technician 

Incorporate car lift maintenance into your hobby, and this will ensure a smoother functioning system. 

Even if there is limited headroom, it is not difficult for a trained professional to fit a car lift inside a given garage space. Please reserve your car lift installation for our technicians to handle. 

Yes, you can! We modify your car lift into portable lifts that can be repositioned and relocated which allows easy repair and cleaning.