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High Speed Doors For Everyday Use 

High speed doors are non-swinging commercial doors that typically act in a rolling, folding, or sliding fashion. Fabric and metal options are available for high velocity doors. These types of doors are used in commercial spaces where businesses have to constantly and swiftly open and shut their doors. Industries that benefit from high speed roll up doors include warehouse hangers, loading docks, manufacturing and medical plants, and other areas with high traffic. 

High speed roll up doors will not only provide you with a high performance door, but they will also help improve the efficiency of your company by helping to regulate temperature, controlling odors and dust, and increasing security. Installing a high speed door onto your property will help make it a safer work environment because they close very fast, usually allowing only one person per entry and exit at a time. High speed doors are an excellent answer for any business that needs a commercial door that keeps up with the high demands of a busy warehouse or industrial facility.

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What Makes an Industrial Door “High Speed”?

High speed fabric doors are built for both speed and low maintenance. Industrial roll up doors are classified as “high speed” when they reach a velocity of 32 inches per second, as well as reaching a minimum closing rate of 24 inches per second. The last qualifier for a roll up door to be classified as high speed is that it automatically recloses the door.

Why Choose a High Speed Door?

The main purpose of a high speed door is to open and close quickly. Engineered for frequent use, industrial doors are not prone to breaking down easily and generally have a long lifespan. In most cases, high speed fabric doors can last a company from around 10 to 20 years. You can extend this lifespan by keeping an eye on your door’s rollers and motor usage. By lubricating the rollers and tracks twice a year, companies will ensure that their high speed door doesn’t break down. 

We recommend commercial high speed doors because they don’t require a lot of maintenance or upkeep, are easy to install, have a long lifespan, and allow businesses to continue production at a high velocity.

High Speed Doors

An Energy Saving and Low Maintenance Option

Insulated high speed commercial doors are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits that insulation brings to the commercial industry. The barrier that’s created from these insulated doors helps to maintain the ideal temperature inside of your building, despite the harshness of the cold or hot weather outside. Uninsulated doors allow air-conditioning and heating to move from into and outside of the building. But high speed fabric doors improve the efficiency of a company’s heating and cooling systems by creating an environmental separation between the inside and the outside of the building.

Another benefit of high speed doors is controlling airflow.  Industries including food, medical, and laboratories need to control airflow because air-borne dust and debris can cause damage to certain products or equipment. By controlling airflow, high speed doors help to reduce the risk of damage. They can even be used in pairs to create airlocks in environments where pressure is a concern.

High Speed Doors

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