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How We Handle Corona Virus

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How We Handle Corona Virus

We think explaining the precautions we are taking as a company due to ongoing developments with the Coronavirus is important. Although the world has not experienced a health crisis like this in decades, we as a company are staying informed and careful. We are working hard to ensure that our customers feel confident in us. This confidence extends to both the quality of our garage door repair and installation services and the protective measures we are taking as a company.

We are practicing caution with sickness and the spread of germs to keep both our employees and customers safe and healthy. To achieve this, our in-office cleaning protocols have increased. This means every surface is wiped down twice daily with a strong disinfectant. Additionally, our employees must report any illnesses before reporting to work. They also have to report if they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with the Coronavirus. These steps will prevent the virus from entering our office space and thus keep it from spreading to your home.

J.A.G. & Sons Garage Doors is here to help you feel secure in your home and confident in the services we will provide for your garage door. Please contact us if you have any questions about our safety measures. Also, question your technician on-site if you have any reservations about their safety steps.

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