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Invest In Insulated Garage Doors in North Haven, CT and West Haven, CT!

 Insulated garage doors are secret money savers and continuously rack up energy-efficient benefits if you live near North Haven, CT and West Haven, CT. The average garage door protects and secures your vehicle and belongings, but an insulated garage door is a major enhancement for your garage door materials to raise resale value and contain noise as well.

Fun Fact: Another term for insulated garage doors is thermally injected garage doors. This means we can add specialty insulation to your existing garage door panels. Ask us how!

Garage door insulation is becoming more popular in regions with extremely hot—and cold—climates. Those without garage door insulation feel the dips and heights in temperature much more than people who have invested in an insulated garage door. Learn more about the benefits of insulating your garage door and how our local experts can help you get started! 


Insulated Garage Doors Are the Ultimate Money Savers


Insulated garage doors


It’s never too late to save money in the long run for the additional materials we can add to your overhead door in New Haven, CT and the surrounding areas.


Insulated garage doors are an excellent return on investment which is an inventive way of saving money. While an insulated garage door is the ultimate money saver, insulating your garage door is important if you want to lessen energy costs. 


Did you Know? 

Another alternative way of saving money for your garage door is weatherstripping, where you rubber seal the outer lining of your garage door. 

Polystyrene or polyurethane are the insulation materials used to insulate garage doors by placing them between your garage door panels. Polystyrene insulation is cheaper and has basic insulation capability. Polyurethane insulation is a binding foam that expands and bonds to the surface. Polyurethane insulation offers maximum insulation and durability to your door. 

Garage door insulation means layers in your garage door that will help keep your garage comfortable. Like insulation does within the walls of your home, garage door insulation protects your garage from the outside elements. Feel free to contact our installation experts at J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door to learn more about some garage door insulation options that best fits your budget!

Insulated garage doors are a worthy investment because of their R-value. The R-value measures the energy efficiency of the insulation material or how thick the insulation needs to be in order for it to be effective. 

View our Garage Doors and Products page for insight into which garage door brand can get you set up with the best R-value.

The upfront cost of insulated garage doors is due to their major energy-efficient qualities. On top of the average garage door installation, we have to account for the additional insulation materials that are specifically designed for garage door panels and maximum functionality.

Read more about why you should invest in a longer-lasting garage door in our “How to Build a Sustainable Garage Door” blog post.

Talk To Us About Adding Specialty Insulation to your Garage Door 


Another great long-term benefit for insulated versus non-insulated garage doors is the exponential value specialty insulation adds to your home overall. An insulated garage door’s extra coverage won’t let air pass through easily. Thus, you are less inclined to mess with the thermostat once the season changes with an insulated garage door.


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Our service areas surrounding our locations in North Haven, CT and West Haven, CT experience harsh winters, so add extra coverage to your garage door and feel the difference with an insulated garage door. Go ahead and request a consultation with our local team today!