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J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door understands that our customers are looking for quality new garage door installation, timely and friendly service, and a great warranty. This is why we train our technicians on the best products and teach them how to provide excellent service to every customer. With our 18 years of experience in the garage door industry, you can be sure we will find the best solution for your home. View the sections below to explore the new garage door style, construction, track, and accessories options that we offer.

1. Choose Your Garage Door Style

A new garage door can be an excellent statement piece to complement the exterior design of your home. From historic to mid-century to modern, the architecture of your home will shape the design of your new garage door. There are multiple garage door styles, materials, and features available so making sure you choose the right door for new garage door installation in your home is crucial. Feel free to call us at (203) 456-9133 to get more information on the different styles we sell. Also, check out our Garage Door Design Gallery to get an idea of what you want from a new garage door. 

  • Garage Door Styles

    • Carriage Garage DoorsA carriage style garage door is available in steel, faux wood, and real wood options in multiple wood grains and colors. It is designed with carriage stamp or overlay paneling depending on your preferences. Dark hardware including door handles and hinges are often used to complete the look of carriage doors. 
    • Traditional Garage Doors – Traditional garage doors are the most popular choice for American homeowners. They have symmetrical raised paneling that runs horizontally across all sections of the door. These come available in all material and color options for whatever customizations you want. 
    • Modern Garage Doors –  Clean, simple lines characterize modern style garage doors. They tend to feature full-view glass and bold combinations of metal accents. Also, unique paneling or window configurations are popular to create a personalized look for your door.
  •  Garage Door Materials

    • Wood Garage Doors – Wood garage doors are available in faux and real wood varieties. Faux wood garage doors are steel garage doors that look like wood because of a wood composite overlay. Real wood garage doors are custom made to your specifications and the opening of your home for a completely unique product. 
    • Steel Garage Doors – Steel garage doors are the standard choice for most homeowners. They are available in all of the above styles with multiple color, insulation, and window options. Check out our Steel Garage Doors page for more information about their versatility!
    • Aluminum Garage Doors – Aluminum is a high quality option to outfit your home with a reliable, long lasting garage door. It is also a common choice for framing glass garage doors because it is lighter in weight than other materials. 
    • Glass Garage Doors – Full-view glass garage doors are an excellent option to upgrade your home with a modern door. Manufacturers can make them in whatever glass color and texture you choose. Visit our Glass Garage Doors page to learn more!
  • Features

    • Insulated Garage Doors – Steel garage doors are available in up to three layers of insulation depending on your temperature and sound control needs for your garage. 
    • Painted Garage Doors – Your new garage door can be painted any color you choose to complement your home’s exterior. 
    • Windowed Garage Doors – Install windows in your new garage door in multiple pane, color, and texture choices. 

There are many things to consider before purchasing a new garage door. At J.A.G. & Sons, we want you to be happy with the new garage door style you choose. You can trust us to take care of the rest!

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Modern Garage Doors
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2. Choose Door Construction

There are multiple important factors when choosing new garage door construction including insulation, quality, and durability. At J.A.G. & Sons, our team of garage door specialists strive to provide quality services that will better the functional and aesthetic qualities of your home. 

At J.A.G. & Sons, we only sell and install new garage doors that meet our high quality standards. Whether you are looking for a wood composite, wood carriage, or steel door, you can trust J.A.G. & Sons to ensure that it is installed correctly.

In addition to wood or steel composite types, we sell non-insulated, two-layer, and three-layer insulated garage doors to fit your noise or temperature control needs. A non-insulated door will simply be the steel sections. Two layers of insulation will include exposed insulation on the interior of your garage door. Three layers of insulation will be a polyurethane or polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two layers of steel. As you move up in layers of insulation, your ability to control the noise of your garage door and temperature of your garage move up as well. That means if you want the best in quiet and energy efficiency, choose a three layer insulated new garage door for your home. 

3. Choose Track

It is important to consider ceiling height and type of opener when choosing the type of track you want to be installed with your new garage door. Our tracks include low-headroom, high-lift, and 10, 12, 15, 20, and 32-inch radius tracks depending on the height of your ceiling. Low-head room tracks are shorter than a standard 15-inch radius which is great if you have especially short ceilings. On the other end, high lift tracks add additional hardware to your tracks to allow your garage door to sit higher. These are for garages that have tall ceilings. Inquire about our large radius track installation, and increase headroom. This configuration can allow you to have a car lift or additional ceiling storage in your garage. For the standard radius options, we can determine which will best suit your garage needs. 

For garage door openers, we use chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct drive, and jackshaft. Each of these opener types operates at different noise levels and degrees of reliability. For the quietest, long-term function, we recommend belt drive or direct drive openers. For the most affordability, a chain drive or screw drive opener will be the best option for you. No matter your specific needs for a new garage door opener, we can install it with the best workmanship and speedy turnaround times on service.

If you are confused about which track system will be best for your garage door, contact us for a free estimate at (203) 456-9133. We’ll come out to address any issues with your garage door and give you an estimate for free.

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4. Choose Garage Door Accessories

Garage door accessories can range from the coating or colors of your exterior and interior hardware to the springs, rollers, and openers that improve the functionality of your new garage door installation. In terms of design, we can customize your exterior door with various colors, panels, windows, and decorative handles to match your home. For the interior of your garage, we offer powder coating of tracks to ensure they blend seamlessly into space and last for decades. Lastly, you can select high cycle springs and upgraded rollers to ensure the functionality and longevity of your garage door system.


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