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Make Your Garage Door System Work For You!

What if you wanted to load your car or company truck in the garage? Working against inclement weather is a battle, and if it’s cold, it’s snowing, or it’s much safer loading your vehicle in the shelter of your garage, it’s much more convenient when you can leave your fully packed car without any worry that your equipment or luggage will come apart upon exiting the garage.

Out of all the possibilities you could be enjoying your extended workspace, an enclosed garage is a heaven sent for most. As another point of consideration, some HOA’s don’t allow you to park your company truck or van in the driveway. 

large radius track installation

With a few more inches of clearance, you can now finally park one of the following in your garage: 

  • Enclosed trailer
  • Boat
  • Lifted truck
  • SUVs
  • Personal or work vans
  • Vehicles with:
    • rooftop cargo box
    • toolbox carrier
    • pop-up tent

How To Measure Your Garage Door Track’s Radius

A large radius track installation is another way of situating your tracks closer to the ceiling. When you’re dealt with a standard radius that only measures up to 15 inches, the garage door opens with a sharper track curvature and opens lower. 

For a better mental picture, we would simply change the corner track to have a larger radius of 20 inches, or even a 32-inch curvature. Keep in mind, the larger the radius, the larger the headroom required to accommodate the curve. Since your tracks can only be so close to the ceiling, we safely incorporate your choice of a large radius track. If you own a garage with less headroom or low ceilings, we’ll create the best option for the space we’re given.

Schedule An On-Site Consultation With Us!

Because garage door safety is imperative and track conversions contribute to your system’s balancing act, one of our expert installers will be able to help you with the selection of a proper track, garage door opener, and springs for your specific garage door.

Our Garage Door Installation page also details your options for choosing a track, a compatible garage door opener, and more with a standard radius versus a large radius. J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door will come to your home near West Haven, CT and North Haven, CT for an on-site consultation and provide precise measurements and options for your specialty track conversion.

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There is no standard garage door, yet given our industry experience, sizes typically range from 7-8 feet tall, and either 16 or 18 feet wide.

We can always custom measure and order a new garage door to fit any garage opening for your home, or we can rebuild the opening of your garage frame to accommodate a new garage door.

The difference between high-lift versus large radius garage track systems is one has a more cost-effective, smoother installation process. A high-lift garage door would result in a complete replacement for your opener, springs, and adjoining hardware. Whereas a larger radius would only require a garage door track conversion. 

While both installations would create more headroom above the garage bay, a large radius track installation is more worthwhile if a lack of space is your only limitation. 

Headroom is the space above the garage door. The headroom of a garage door cannot be obstructed by anything: beams, lighting, or ductwork are all taken into account for measuring. This means that if your garage door is 7 feet tall, your ceiling height would have to be 8 feet for the additional 12 inches of headroom.

If you have higher ceilings and want your garage door track to accommodate this, a high-lift track installation will sit your door closer to the ceiling.


Yes, we do! We create valuable space in your garage with roof pitch installation, high-lift garage door tracks, and custom track conversions for a car lift installation, clearance for SUVs, work vans, trucks, and so much more.