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What are Roof Pitch Tracks for Garage Doors?

Roof pitch tracks, also called follow-the-roof tracks, are available for residential and commercial buildings. This type of garage door track is a combination of high-lift and vertical-lift tracks, usually used for structures with sloped roofs. Roof pitch tracks allow the door to move up the side of the wall and follow the pitch of the roof. For a roof pitch track to work, the ceiling of the building must be free from any obstructions, allowing the door to move freely. Jackshaft or wall-mount garage door openers are the best choice for this type of garage door track because they are installed on the wall beside the garage. 

Are you interested in learning more about roof pitch tracks? Reach out to us for a free consultation! We’d love to measure your garage and guide you through the options available to upgrade your garage door tracks.

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What Kind of Garage Door Track is Right for You?

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Standard Radius

A standard radius track of 15 inches is the most common, meaning the door requires 15 inches of headroom to accommodate the curved track. A standard radius can also go down to 12 inches of headroom. 

Low Headroom

A low headroom track involves garage doors that have less than 12 inches of headroom. Low-headroom tracks are also called dual tracks because they are characterized by a second horizontal track that moves the top section of the door. 


High-lift tracks are best when you have ample headroom, meaning over 30 inches, between the top of your garage and the ceiling. These utilize a standard radius curve with an additional vertical track. 

Vertical Lift

Vertical lift tracks are usually used for businesses and commercial spaces because they require the length of the door plus an additional 12 inches in headroom. With vertical lift tracks, the garage door rests directly above the opening against the wall. 

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch tracks are specially designed to follow the roof’s structure. This allows your garage door to curve along the ceiling’s slope, adjusting to the roof pitch.

Three Important Measurements for Your Garage Door Track

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Before choosing which garage door track is right for you, you should have a garage door professional assess your garage to take these three measurements. The headroom, sideroom, and backroom will determine which track style best suits the needs of your garage. If you’d like to schedule a consultation today, reach out to J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door! We’d love to help you determine if a roof pitch track is right for your home or business. 


Headroom is the space from the top of your garage door to the nearest obstacle above your door (ceiling, lighting, piping, support beams, etc.). It must be wide enough to comfortably accommodate your garage door, track, and supporting elements, including the garage door springs and opener. 


Sideroom includes the space available on either side of your garage door, from the door’s edge to the wall (or nearest obstruction). This measurement determines the size of your extension or torsion springs as well as the space left for track brackets. 


Backroom is the depth of your garage, from the top of the open door to your garage’s back wall. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Roof Pitch Tracks

If you have a unique roof pitch or garage ceiling and need help determining the best garage door tracks, we are here to help. With decades of industry experience installing and servicing garage doors in West Haven and North Haven, CT, we have all the skills and experience to ensure a great outcome for you. Contact us to learn more about roof pitch tracks or any of the garage door tracks we offer!