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What Community Involvement Means For Our Family-Owned & Operated Business

Our community partners advance our core value of service and year-round engagement with our neighbors in West Haven, CT and North Haven, CT. Find out more information about how to enrich and expand your local business with us; it’s easier than you think! 

Want to know how to elevate your brand visibility and enhance local awareness? Join our growing list of special community partners. We can’t wait to align our efforts with your organization’s mission and values. We hope to further our efforts together. Connect with us, and become a J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door community partner today! 

Thank You To Our Dedicated Community Partners in West Haven, CT & North Haven, CT!

It is our hope to continue to partner with amazing customers like you as we expand our business and develop a thriving network of local support. We thank our community partners for all they do for West Haven, CT, North Haven, CT, and surrounding communities.

Their organizations range from local youth athletics to specialty lift installers to pizzerias and other delicacies brought to our New England region. We don’t know where we would be without our community partners or their skilled line of professions!

Our family-owned and operated garage door repair and installation company provides our service areas with everything from quality garage door and opener products to specialty track configurations and same-day services. We are excited to extend our expertise and help develop a thriving local support network to help your goals become a reality.

Our Community Partners Help Keep Our Connecticut Neighborhoods Beautiful!

We proudly serve our friends and neighbors in the West Haven, CT, and North Haven, CT, communities. Help us by joining our efforts in providing families and individuals with quality services that enrich our living spaces and keep our Connecticut neighborhoods beautiful! And we’re not just talking about our full range of local garage door services! With just a simple outreach, our efforts can be amplified and strengthened. Contact us today.

Why You Should Partner With J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door

We support these local businesses and want to keep spreading the word! We extend our gratitude to all businesses, individuals, and families who have graciously invited us to help with a seamless blend of their mission statement and our services. J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door began with a local firefighter helping his family and neighbors with garage door repair; our core mission started with serving our community! 

Learn more about our community involvement on our About page. Aside from offering our wide range of local garage door services and products, there are a few reasons why we’re the right choice to partner with: 

  • We are licensed and trained experts with 30 years of industry experience
  • We serve with integrity and care to provide 5-star service
  • We live by the belief that we are never too busy to help each other grow as people and as professionals
  • We are constantly growing and bettering our educational opportunities through project management and networking groups

How You Can Get Started With Becoming One Of Our Community Partners

Considering a more meaningful partnership with the local community? Go to our Charity of the Month Club page for more organizations we help support, and in turn, help support us.

Feel free to fill out our Charity of the Month form and call us directly for more information about becoming one of our community partners. Thank you again for choosing J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door.