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Call Quickly When You Have a Broken Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables work together with your springs and opener to reliably and safely lift your overhead door. Every garage door system has two cables running on either side of the door. When either cable breaks, corrodes, or wears out, you need to work with a professional for garage door cable repair. 

If broken cables are creating issues for your home, contact J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door for garage door cable repair in West Haven and North Haven, CT. From our two convenient locations, we are happy to dispatch technicians to homeowners who need fast, friendly garage door service. Get started today by contacting us!

What To Do If You Have a Broken Garage Door Cable

Have you noticed any of these issues with your garage door?

  • There is a break in your garage door cables.
  • Your garage door cables are hanging loose. 
  • Your garage door comes up at an angle.
  • Your garage door crashes down suddenly. 
  • Your garage door is stuck and won’t go up or down.
  • Your cables are frayed or out of place. 

If you’re experiencing any of these garage door problems, leave your garage door exactly as it is and call for assistance! Garage doors are heavy, and the parts hold a lot of tension to keep everything in place and operating safely. Never attempt garage door repairs on your own. Instead, call for fast garage door cable repair in West Haven and North Haven, CT, with the local experts at J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door. Our trucks are stocked with high-cycle replacement cables, and we’re ready to serve you today!

Garage Door Cable Repair FAQs

Why do garage door cables break?

How long should garage door cables last?

Is it safe to open a garage door with a broken cable?

Why Garage Door Cable Replacement is Important

Proper maintenance of garage door cables is essential to ensure they function effectively. After years of daily use, cables become frayed and damaged, leading to decreased functionality. If the damage is significant, the cables may snap, posing a safety hazard and causing the garage door to cease working. Scheduling garage door cable repair near West Haven and North Haven, CT, is crucial to restore proper functionality to your overhead door. Contact us to get the best results for your garage door repair!

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Book Same-Day Garage Door Repair With Our Local Experts

Don’t delay garage door cable repair! Contact us to book fast local service you can count on to serve you. J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door is proud to be a leading local garage door company in West Haven and North Haven, CT, and we would love to serve your home. If your garage door won’t open or starts to open and reverses, get in touch with us to book your garage door cable repair appointment.