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Do You Need Off-Track Garage Door Repair?

If your garage door has come off its tracks, you’ll notice it sitting crooked or at an angle. It’s crucial to avoid attempting to fix this issue on your own. Whether the door came off track due to damaged rollers or a broken spring, using the door in this condition can lead to expensive damage. It’s best to cease using the door immediately and seek professional help. 

Contact J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door for off-track garage door repair near West Haven and North Haven, CT. Our expert technicians have the tools and parts to restore your overhead door to full functionality quickly. 

What Happens When You Have an Off-Track Garage Door

Have you ever examined your garage door system? If you have, you likely noticed how many parts work together to help your overhead door move up and down at the touch of a button. When one or more of these parts isn’t working as it should, it can cause your garage door to come off-track, creating a dangerous situation. 

Off-track garage doors can cause:

  • Uneven, jerky, or stuttering movement during operation  
  • Tilted, slanted, or crooked garage doors
  • Loud grinding or scraping noises during the operation
  • Dented, bent, or broken garage door tracks
  • Difficulty opening or closing the garage door manually

If you notice any of the above issues, call quickly for off-track garage door repair near West Haven and North Haven, CT. We have the skills, expertise, and high-cycle replacement parts to get your overhead door up and running again quickly. Contact us to book garage door repair today!

Why You Should Repair an Off-Track Garage Door Quickly

Your garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home. It should always be properly repaired and maintained to operate safely so you and your family are not put at risk. If your garage door is off-track, it creates three problems that need to be addressed quickly:

  1. It threatens the safety of you and your family.
  2. It traps you in or out of your garage.
  3. It leaves your garage door at risk of falling off the tracks.

To reduce the potential danger an off-track garage door poses to your family, we offer off-track garage door repair in West Haven and North Haven, CT. When you call, our technicians are ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice, ensuring your garage door problems are addressed quickly. Contact us to book off-track garage door repair near you today!

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What To Do When Your Garage Door Comes Off Track

If your garage door has come off its tracks, it is crucial that you don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Instead, call a professional garage door repair service to schedule same-day or next-day repairs. Off-track garage doors pose serious safety risks as they may unexpectedly fall, causing injuries to you or your family. Leave the task of repairing off-track garage doors to skilled professionals. J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door is well-equipped to promptly and effectively restore your overhead door with off-track garage door repair near West Haven and North Haven, CT.

Call Us for Fast Off-Track Garage Door Repair Near You

When it comes to an off-track garage door, you don’t have time to wait around on repairs or ignore the issue. Your garage door won’t open or close when it’s off-track, leaving your car trapped in or out of the garage. So, when you need fast off-track garage door repair in West Haven or North Haven, CT, contact J.A.G. and Sons Overhead Door! Our experts have seen it all when it comes to broken and malfunctioning garage doors, so they’re equipped to provide the best solution to get your door up and running again. Call now to book your appointment!