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Local Garage Door Repair In Easton, CT

Garage door repair in Easton, CT is never something to put off. Your garage door system cooperates with the push of a button– thanks to the garage door opener– but specific components are under constant tension. The garage door springs, cables, tracks, rollers, and adjoining hardware experience the most traction daily. It’s time to call the best garage door repair specialists in the Easton, CT area. de the exterior of your home. If your garage door won’t open, we have trained garage door specialists ready to identify and repair all door issues.

If you live in any of the following areas and need garage door repair East Haven CT, give us a call today! Luckily your garage door will provide some warning signs when it’s in trouble. Contact JAG & Sons Overhead Door immediately if you notice the following:

  • Your garage door is making loud, unusual noises.
  • Your garage door is opening diagonally.
  • Your garage door hesitates to open or close.
  • Your garage door begins to open or close and then reverses.
  • Your garage door is simply not operating properly.

Looking for more reasons to invest in high-quality garage door repair near you? Keep reading on how to avoid frequent garage door repair in Easton, CT.

More Than Repair – Garage Door Replacement in Easton, CT

While J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door is always around for your garage door repair needs in Easton, CT, we also instill our premier quality standards in our garage door installation service. Gain inspiration from our Gallery, and plan your garage door replacement with our installation experts.

We work with industry-leading brands like Clopay, Northwest Doors, Haas Doors, and Fimbel ADS for a large selection of high-quality garage door options for any style or budget.

garage door repair Easton, CT

Maintain Your Garage Door With Us!

There is a difference between homeowners who take care of their garage doors and owners who report a problem when the system is past the point of repair. Maintain the value of your well-operating garage door with some simple tips, and own a longer-lasting door! Apply the following garage door maintenance tips:

  • Clear away any build-up of rust, dirt, dust, or debris near your garage door tracks and springs.
  • Apply silicone-based garage door lubricant to your garage door springs at least twice a year.
  • Keep the exterior of your garage in good condition by rinsing your garage door panels with a diluted solution of soap and warm water.
  • Schedule yearly maintenance with our JAG & Sons Overhead Door specialists for a thorough and professional inspection!


Contact Us For All Your Garage Door Repairs and Configurations 

Early detection of issues, proper upkeep, and safety tests go a long way toward improving the functionality of your garage door in Easton, CT. Contact us for all of your garage door needs and more!

Given the prestigious IDEA certifications that J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door goes the extra mile to secure, we surpass our competitors with custom garage door track installation and other advanced garage door projects. Allow us to be your local specialists for Specialty Track Configurations and High-Lift Garage Door Track Installation in Easton, CT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us right away if your garage door opener north of 15 years old refuses to open or close. Learn more about your opener from our Garage Door Opener Repair page. If you notice the following signs, you will need prompt garage door opener replacement:

  • Vibrations from your garage door and opener
  • Opening then automatically reversing
  • Screeching, grinding, or squeaking noises
  • Intermittent and unresponsive opening
  • A burning smell is coming from your garage door opener motor

While we don’t operate as a 24-hour garage door service company, our family-owned business does accommodate your garage door emergencies. When you experience a serious issue, contact our office immediately, and we will dispatch emergency garage door repair in Easton, CT right away.

A great way to avoid frequent garage door repairs is to sign up for our Garage Door Maintenance service. We perform various balance, safety, and quality tests for your garage door system, which should be conducted at least once every year. Sometimes a recent garage door repair can spur an adjoining component to need repair as well. 

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“J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door provided excellent service, quick response time and fair pricing. Would highly recommend.”

Mary B.

“My garage door just stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I knew I needed to have it fixed. I went on the internet and found J.A.G. and Sons and my nephew called them and they took the time to explain what had probably gone wrong and gave him a quote right over the phone. I hired them and set up a date for later the same day!!! I am very pleased with the repair and the way it was handled. Both Greg and Jim were so nice and took the time to explain what they had done and it works great. I would certainly recommend this company!!”

Brandon Perkins

“My garage door was in desperate need of being replaced. I was referred to JAG & Sons by a friend of mine. They got the job done efficiently and my new door works and looks great! I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again.”