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J.A.G. & Sons has proudly provided garage door repair Naugatuck CT for almost twenty years. From installation of a new steel or glass garage doors to repair services when your garage door won’t open, we have you covered. We have been successful in Naugatuck for so many years because our focus is on your experience as a customer. That means we provide speedy garage door service with quality workmanship and parts. We love to provide garage door repair Naugatuck CT around the areas:

Union City | City Hill | May Street | Millville | Webb | Spring Street/Parkview | Meadowland Estates | Foley | Fairchild Park | Hop Brook Golf Course | Breen Field

Garage Door Repair Naugatuck CT

If you need garage door repair Naugatuck CT, contact us today! One of our experienced garage door repair technicians will assess your broken garage door in person to find the problem. We also stay stocked with replacement garage door parts to get your garage door up and running quickly. From broken garage door springs to garage door section replacement, we have to expertise to fix your problem efficiently. Visit our Service & Repair page to learn more about our garage door repair Naugatuck CT! Our full list of garage door repair Naugatuck CT services include:

  • Broken garage door spring replacement
  • Broken garage door cable repair
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Stuck garage door
  • Garage door won’t open
  • Garage door opens at an angle
  • Replacement of damaged garage door panels

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring repair is a common service we perform for garage door repair Naugatuck CT. In fact, garage door springs need to be well maintained and replaced every 8-12 years because they are such a vital to a reliable garage door system. Without upkeep, your garage door spring could break suddenly, leaving your car trapped in the garage. To prevent this from happening to your home, watch for these signs that you need garage door spring repair.

  • Loud squeaking or grinding noises
  • A garage door that opens halfway and reverses
  • A door that opens very slowly
  • Opening at an angle

If you notice any of the above issues with your garage door, you need garage door spring repair. Schedule garage door spring replacement quickly before it damages your door by calling (203) 456-9133.

If your garage door is opening and reversing, it’s most likely an issue with the garage door opener. It may be that there’s something obstructing the view of the safety sensors. They prevent the garage door from closing on anything underneath it. Inspect your safety sensors, clean them, and ensure they’re functional. If they need to be repaired, give us a call. 

Yes, we provide garage door spring repair. If you have a broken torsion spring, we recommend giving us a call as soon as possible. It’s a dangerous area of garage repair, as broken springs continue to hold the tension they took on when in operation.

If your garage door opener’s flashing, it’s most likely signaling an issue with the safety sensors. Inspect your sensors to ensure they’re aligned and working properly. 

Garage door opener repair is a service for damaged openers. If your garage door opener stops working or is causing your door to move incorrectly, you need garage door opener repair. 

Garage door repair costs usually fall between $150 and $500, depending on which garage door repair you need. 

New Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door, we have a broad range of style, construction, and accessory options. New doors are great for upgrading your home’s curb appeal or business’ store front. Schedule a new door consultation today! One of our experienced technicians will measure your opening in person and walk you through your best choices for new door installation. Our materials include steel, wood, aluminum, and glass garage doors to upgrade your home in any style. That means no matter your vision for a door, we can make it a reality!

Garage Door Openers

For garage door openers, we offer the best replacement and repair services. For garage door opener replacement, we offer LiftMaster and SOMMER products including smart WiFi garage door openers. We can also repair any issues with your current opener like safety mechanisms and motor force.

If you need garage door service in the Naugatuck, CT (06706, 06770) area, contact us at (203) 456-9133! Our North Haven team provides the best garage door repair!

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Michael H. (Near Naugatuck CT)

“I called JAG and Sons Overhead Doors. They responded immediately, made an appointment and were prompt. The young man made a great impression. He was professional, honest and knowledgeable. He assessed the problem and fixed my door and a few other things that were wrong. The door is quieter than it has been in years. The job was very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of garage door service.”


Rosemary N. (Near Naugatuck CT)

“The service was excellent. Communication was great. Greg came and installed the garage door opener I had already purchased. He gave me suggestions on additional features to add without pressuring me. One of them was replacing the springs which were old and I believe contributed to my last garage door opener burning out within a relatively short period of time. All in all the service was professional, prompt and payment was easy to process. I highly recommend this service to anyone!”


Darlene T. (Near Naugatuck CT)

“Having had a new opener installed in October 2019 by a company from Milford, and having that company come out 8 times and STILL not fixing the new opener, Greg from JAG came out and within an hour had diagnosed, repaired, and got my door up and running again. I called them on Tuesday and here it is 24 hours later and I’m all set! Take THAT company from Milford! JAG is my new garage door go to!”