Custom High Lift Conversion

Project Description: 

Our technicians installed this custom high lift track for a home in Prospect, CT (06712). A high lift track raises the height of garage door tracks so your door sits closer to the ceiling. This allows room for car lifts like the one our customer had in their home. We also outfitted their new tracks with a LiftMaster side mount opener to ensure maximum lifting power. Now they can comfortably store cars higher in their garage and perform car maintenance easily. 

This client came to us with a few things they wanted to accomplish with their garage door installation, and we did it all! We strive to always meet our clients expectations while also installing a quality door that will last. When you are ready to upgrade your garage door, we can get the job done. Call us today!

Project Details: 

Door Specs: High Lift Track Conversion

Installation City: Prospect, CT