How To Build Sustainable Garage Doors

How to Build A Sustainable Garage Door

There are pieces of a puzzle that must fit your garage door and will ensure long-lasting efficiency. Who wants to keep monitoring their garage door for its next impending breakdown? A sustainable garage door means there are environmentally-friendly practices, materials, manufacturing, and designs that all play a part for a final product that’s worthwhile.

Your garage door plays an important role in structural integrity and energy efficiency, and this article lays out ways to ensure those qualities remain before garage door installation and long after. 

Choosing Your Garage Door Construction

When talking about piecing together your overhead door system, choosing your garage door construction is the first level, or first step towards long-term sustainability. Additional insulation will affect durability, longevity, energy conservation, and noise barriers for your three choices of garage door construction: 

A non-insulated door- will simply be the steel sections.

Two layers of insulation- will include exposed insulation on the interior of your garage door. 

Three layers of insulation- will be a polyurethane or polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two layers of steel. Insulation will not be exposed.

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Garage Door Insulation (continued)

Adding insulation is a great way to make your garage door energy-efficient, which equates to a sustainable garage door. By eliminating energy loss and upsetting noise vibrations, garage door insulation also withstands extreme high winds which greatly reduces the risk of needing a garage door replacement anytime soon. 

Eliminate Product Loss

We help prevent major product loss by offering efficient and prompt garage door repairs near West Haven, North Haven, and the surrounding areas. Instead of looking for a much pricier service appointment with total garage door replacements, we help each customer with a simple motor repair, section replacement, opener troubleshooting, or garage door realignment. 

A sustainable practice is catching an issue early before it spreads to adjoining parts or system failure. Thus, it is up to the garage door owner to call for prompt repair when they see a potential problem with their overhead door or operating system. 

Garage Door Maintenance

The sum of your garage door parts and adjoining hardware create major pressure points which require professional attention about once a year. The best way to curb frequent garage door repair or costly system overhauls is annual garage door maintenance. Thorough system inspections, tune-ups, and door balance tests are all cost-effective solutions that fortify your overhead door, and grants many more years of use. 

High-Quality Products

High-quality garage door products set your overhead door system up for long-term success. Our professionals are unable to perform a seamless garage door installation without a superior door and accompanying parts. 

Product warranties and guarantees are excellent in sustaining their brand quality, and our company values other companies who back up their products. That’s why we value working with manufacturers like LiftMaster, Fimbel ADS, Clopay, and Haas Door. The latter instills sustainability in everything they do, and Haas Doors are made from steel that contains 80% recycled material. 

Thanks to Haas Door’s intention of minimizing fuel consumption and prioritizing the environment by including a recycling program for scrap metal, cardboard, and plastic, recommending their products is another example of how our company strives to work with the best brands and provide our customers with sustainable garage doors.

How We Dispose of Your Old Garage Door

Other local garage door companies may not dispose of your old garage door for you, but J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door takes care of your entire garage door replacement process. Given our industry experience and learning through project management, we work with reputable organizations and are constantly bettering our systems and processes.

Easy Ways to Adopt a Sustainable Garage Door

Making eco-friendly improvements can start with the largest moving component of your home. There are lower repair, replacement, and maintenance costs when it comes to sustainable garage doors! By contacting your local garage door repair and installation company, you are also taking part in transportation efficiency.  

J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door has a long history of being both loyal and local to our beautiful communities near West Haven, CT and North Haven, CT. When you’re ready for a sustainable garage door, make an appointment with our team, and we’ll craft the best product and installation for your home.

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