Garage Door Service and Repairs

A broken garage door spring can cause the door not to open. Garage door springs typically last 10k cycle. Most homeowners will get about 6 – 12 years out of a spring depending on how often they open it. There are typically 2 types of springs (extension and torsion). Garage door springs are your counter balance system. They do all the heavy lifting. They carry a lot of tension and when they break they typically make a loud noise similar to a gunshot. Most people know they’re spring is broken by that noise in combination with the fact the motor can’t lift the door up due to the weight. There is no need to worry, we can fix this for you. Just call us to schedule an appointment. 

Garage doors fall out of the track often. It happens because either a roller was fallen out or the cables came loose on one side or both. A trained professional in many cases can put the door back and get it running again without damaging the door. The garage door is the biggest, heaviest moving part of your home so please be careful walking around or under a door that is out of track. 

Garage doors are created by hinges connecting sections by using hinges. In many cases if a section is damaged we can get the section if it’s still being manufactured and just replace the parts that need replacing. In some cases, if multiple sections or damaged or parts on the door are toward the end of their life cycle, you may want to consider a door replacement. We can quote you a new garage door as well. 

Converting or installing high lift tracks is considered a specialty service. Doing it properly is very important. Installing a high lift track requires having the right numbers/measurements and engineering the setup needed between the tracks, drums, cables, and springs. It allows the door to go closer to the ceiling. Many people who want to stack cars using a lift in their garage use a high lift setup. Contact us for a quote on installing a high lift system in your home or business. 

It’s recommended to service your garage door annually. This includes lubrication, tightening, and making minor adjustments to the door and motor. If you do not service the door, it’s more likely you will end up with a broken garage door that will cost you much more for repair or possible replacement. Contact us to get put on the schedule for your annual service today. 

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