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Choosing a New Garage Door

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1. Choose Your Garage Door Style

There are multiple garage door styles to choose from. Making sure you choose the correct door style to be installed for your home is crucial. Feel free to call us at 203-980-5722 to get more information on the different styles we sell.

  • Typical garage door styles include: Carriage, Traditional, Modern
  • Typical garage door materials used: Wood, Steel, Aluminum
  • Typical garage door features: Insulated, Painted, Windows

There are many things to consider before purchasing a garage door. At JAG & Sons we want you to be happy with the decision you make once you decide on the door style you want. You can trust us to take care of the rest!

garage door construction

2. Choose Door Construction

There are multiple important factors when choosing door construction including insulation, quality and durability. At JAG & Sons our team of garage door specialists strive to provide quality services that will better you and your home.

At JAG & Sons we only sell and install doors that meet our high quality standards. Whether you’re looking for a wood composite door, wood carriage door, steel door, you can trust JAG & Sons will make sure it’s installed correctly.


3. Choose Track

There are many things to consider when choosing the type of track you want installed. The ceiling height and type of opener will play a role in which tracks will work with your door. There are several types of openers including chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct drive and jackshaft.

If you are confused on which track system will be best for your garage door contact us for a free estimate 203-980-5722. We’ll come out to address any type of issues with your garage door and give you an estimate for free.

garage door accessories

4. Choose Garage Door Accessories 

Colors, windows, decorative hardware, powder coated tracks, high cycle springs, upgraded rollers are just some of the options available for your garage door. 

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At JAG & Sons we strive to provide the best quality services. There is nothing more rewarding than satisfying our customers. We have trained garage door specialists who will make sure your garage door is working correctly.

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If you’re in need of garage door repair, garage door opener install, or section replacements, be sure to give us a call. We have experienced garage door specialists ready to service your garage door.

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