Garage Door Maintenance Benefits

Abundant Garage Door Maintenance Benefits

Garage door maintenance benefits are abundant in cost efficiency, preventative repair, and operation safety. If you need a local garage door company that is respectful of you and your property, call J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door for a professional garage door maintenance appointment. Before we get started on helping you reap the benefits of routine maintenance, we conduct a thorough inspection and explain everything.

“Why Do I Need Garage Door Maintenance?”

Garage doors require continued maintenance and repair due to their persistent day-to-day use. Garage door parts work hard each day to promote movement on command. Some parts, such as garage door springs and cables, work under mounting stress, which contributes to a limited lifespan.

Having annual checks might seem like an unnecessary expense if your garage door is functioning smoothly, but there are good reasons why you may want to make garage door maintenance benefits on rotation:

garage door maintenance benefits
Garage Door Maintenance Benefits
garage door spring repair

Keep An Eye On Its Physical Appearance

Regular maintenance allows you to catch any structural faults such as rust and erosion early on. By inspecting your garage door often, you can avoid more severe damage. Ground erosion causes major inconveniences and interruptions and will cause a gap between your garage door and the ground.

While a decline in physical appearance is certain, a neglected garage door compromises the barrier it forms between your interior and the outside environment. Rust is also another culprit for the gradual degradation of your garage door parts. Identifying this early on will allow you to have minor modifications done before it becomes a more serious problem.

Save Money On Frequent Garage Door Repairs

How come garage door repair always feels sudden? Well, the parts that keep your garage door functioning smoothly have a limited lifespan, including its hinges, bearing plates, and other components. A home is full of many moving parts that need to be well-kept, and your garage door is no exception.

Getting your garage door routinely checked is well worth the time and cost, considering how minimal a coil spring replacement would be compared to installing an entirely new garage door. Investing in minor repairs over time will save you as much as much money as the average cost of a newly furnished garage door!

The Benefits of Door Balance Tests and More!

To ensure the safety of your family and extend the life of your garage door, garage door maintenance needs to be part of your home improvement routine. Our technicians perform a combination of garage door system inspections and balance tests, including:

  • Tightening and lubricating all moving parts
  • Performing a door balance test
  • Replacing any worn or faulty parts
  • Checking safety mechanisms

Our series of door balance, safety, and quality system tests is essential to keep your overhead door well-maintained for safety and ease of use. Having annual checks is fool-proof and painless when you call our local team for routine garage door maintenance benefits. 

J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door Annual Maintenance Package: Your Line of Defense

We understand how busy life gets, and your garage door inevitably becomes a background player. Keep frequent garage door repairs at bay, and invest in our all-new Annual Garage Door Maintenance Package! It’s $149 a year for up to 2 doors and $199 for up to 4 doors at the same home. Call J.A.G. & Sons Overhead Door for your first tune-up at 10% off when you sign up with our team in North Haven, CT or West Haven, CT today!

Sign up with us once, and your recurring garage door maintenance appointment will stay in our system, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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